Much of today’s focus on health issues tends to be on the prevention of disease rather than on the treatment of the disease once it has developed. Taking advantage of preventative health checks is a great way of monitoring your health and taking action before diseases and other medical conditions have a chance to develop.

Comprehensive health checks are available for a wide variety of medical conditions. Our doctors are experienced in the detection of medical problems and the management of chronic diseases. They regularly attend professional development courses in a wide variety of disciplines, ensuring they are up to date on all of the latest information and techniques.

Medicare now offers a comprehensive health check for 45 to 49 year old patients, designed to review current health issues and instigate preventative programmes for the maintenance of future sound health. If you wish to take advantage of this health check, Kedron Wavell Medical Centre is currently bulk-billing this service.

With the goal of disease prevention in mind, Kedron Wavell Medical Centre is also pleased to be able to provide education programmes on issues such as healthy eating, exercise, lifestyle changes, weight management and smoking cessation.