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  • Saturday Ear Microsuction Clinic

    Unblock your ears quickly, safely and gently with our ear wax microsuction technique performed by a General Practitioner at Kedron Wavell Medical Centre. Dr Michael Wheeler will be working each Saturday in our dedicated ear suction clinic.



    What is Ear wax?

    Ear wax is a mix of secretions from your ear glands and dead skin cells.

    Why do we have ear wax?

    Ear wax forms a protective film, has antibacterial properties and provides lubrication to the ear canal. It traps dust and dirt and then makes it way from your ear canal during every day jaw movements and changes in your skin.

    Can it become a problem?

    Sometimes when we have too much wax it can form a plug which can interfere with hearing and cause discomfort. Many factors interfere with how wax moves within and out of your ear. Some of these things include wearing hearing aids, having narrow ear canals, not cleaning your ears correctly as well as other medical conditions and simply growing older.

    Can I remove the wax myself? What about cotton tips?

    Our ear canals usually do a very good job cleaning themselves and it’s usually best to let them do this on their own. Using instruments or cotton tips at home to try and remove wax may be tempting but not recommended and indeed can make things worse by causing wax to become ‘impacted’, or pressed.

    What should I do if I think I have an issue with excess wax?

    The symptoms of wax impaction include blocked ears, feeling like you have something in your ear and reduced hearing. It is important to remember there are other conditions that can also cause these symptoms and it is best to see your doctor.

    The doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms and examine your ears. If you have significant wax impaction you may be prescribed wax-softening drops and have an ear micro suction procedure.

    What is Ear Microsuction?

    This is a procedure where your doctor uses a microscope to look deep within your ear canal. Using a very fine sterile suction device, any wax and debris can be gently removed from your ear. Most people experience no complications from ear microsuction. It is different to the tradition ‘ear syringing’ in a couple of ways; the ear canal is seen through the microscope and there is no water used to ‘flush’ the ears.



    To make an appointment for an ear check, please call us on 3359 2160.