From July 20, Telehealth GP providers will be required to have an existing and continuous relationship with a patient in order to provide Telehealth services.
This will ensure patients continue to receive quality, ongoing care from a GP who knows their medical history and needs.
A relationship is defined as the patient having seen the same practitioner for a face-to-face service in the last 12 months, or having seen a doctor at the same practice for a face-to-face service during the same period.
Please contact Reception if you do not meet this criteria

Telehealth fees will apply from Monday 20th April. This fee will be $25 out of pocket (after Medicare rebate is processed), across eligible telehealth options with doctors able to increase this at their discretion (i.e long complicated consults or counselling sessions.).
Please see below table for more information.

Consult LengthUpfront FeeMedicare RebateOut of Pocket Cost
Less than 20mins$63.75$38.75$25.00
Greater than 40mins$135.50$110.50$25.00

Bulk billing will continue to be available for the below patients:

There will be special consideration for our patients who don’t meet the above criteria, who are undergoing financial hardship due to job losses and other contributing factors. Please contact Reception on 07 3359 2160 to discuss eligibility.

Thank you for your support and patience as we adapt our processes in these unforeseen circumstances.